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A high-quality buck can produce high-quality offspring even when mated with an average doe. Boer goats tend to gain weight at about the same rate as their sire, so a buck from a proven fast-growing bloodline will command the highest price, as its offspring will tend to also be fast growers.
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Mondavi's Pride - Full Blood
Sire: S2 10322493 S2 Mondavi; Dam: 5SR 10380586 5SR; Soltow-Agnew MS Appealing

Mondavi mondovi

Sire: GE1 10280058 GE1 - Rocket; Dam: ELF 10396960 ELF Woman Brookly


The Big Red Show - Full Blood
Sire: MAXS 10529513 MAX Boer Goats Imax The Big Show;
Dam: MAXS 10497575MAX Boer Goats Cherry Bomb

Red Show Redshow Red Show

Big Red Show

Pirates Gold - Pure Bred
Sire: NVB 10388085 NVB WBG Captain Morgan; Dam: CERV 10505061 CERV Special Reserve

PiratesGold_1 PiratesGold_2

PiratesGold_3 PiratesGold_4 Pirate

GP7 Zico - Full Blood
Sire: SAFM 10549924 SAFM Arthur; Dam: JMAR 10270305 CH1 Jmar T23

Zico Zico

GP7 Zulu Big Boy - Full Blood
Sire: TBGI 10334073 Max Boer Goats Red Hot Big Bandit; Dam: DMBR 10263986 DMBR 671

Zulu Zulu


Eggs Ironman Y345 - Full Blood

Ironman ironman champ EggsIam eggsIron man 2016

Rocky's Pride - Pure Bred 99%

Rocky's Pride x

Arthur - Full Blood – Reg#10549924
Sire: KRI 10209984 XG 212R SA Full Moon; Dam: MOTE 10320147 SA Full Moon Sunshine

Blaky - Full Blood – Reg#10567452
Sire: MMM1 10518185 MMM1 V; Dam: HSW 10174057 HSW JANE

Star Ranch Taboo - Full Blood
Sire: TCS 10408054 TCS Jake Jr.; Dam: JVL 10386286 JVL R321

GP7 Zeca - Full Blood
Sire: SAFM 10549924 SAFM Athur; Dam: JMAR 10270305 CH1 Jmar T23


GPL Viper 2 - Full Blood - Reg#10586128
Sire: FSE 10377190 FSE 6133 Rojo; Dam: CPS 10247270 CPS 835


cowboys buck nojusticeBuck


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